Denture Stabilisation

Denture stabilisation is another name for implant-retained dentures, whereby patients’ dentures are stabilised by dental implants for sturdy, reliable results.

Traditionally, dentures are held in place by natural gum suction, but it is also possible and beneficial for dentures to be stabilised by dental implants. Implants are fixed into pre-drilled openings in the jaw-bone to replace the root section of missing teeth, acting as a versatile treatment that can support a dental crown, dental bridge or denture.

Denture Stabilisation benefits

The treatment process provides a solution for many of the negative issues experienced by denture-wearers, including:

  • Loose dentures
  • Ill-fitting dentures
  • Irritation
  • Eating difficulties
  • Changes in speech

Denture stabilisation addresses these concerns and gives patients complete peace of mind, as well as a great looking smile, improved bite power and reduced bone loss.

Dental implants provide much greater support for the denture than natural gum suction, allowing patients to chew and bite more effectively, also ensuring that any worries about loose dentures are put to bed. Implants also eradicate the need for denture fixatives and adhesives.

Implant-retained dentures reduce the risk of soreness and irritation to the gums. Implants can also help to make you look younger by providing greater support for the cheeks and lips and preventing sunken, saggy skin.

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