Wedding Photos - © Rod Irvine
Wedding Photos - © Rod Irvine

Welcome to Dental Implants Edinburgh

Edinburgh has long been established as a city rich in historical and architectural heritage, attracting visitors from all over the world. Edinburgh has everything the modern tourist would want, from top-class sophisticated shopping and dining, to the atmospheric narrow cobbled streets, the grand site of Edinburgh Castle to its modern, world-renowned Edinburgh Festival.

Edinburgh locals are used to having a cultural, historical and modern city on their doorsteps, where they can delve into the historical areas of the city, the dungeons, the Castle, the famous Edinburgh mile. But they can also shop at modern boutiques, department stores, eat the finest cuisine, and even go to the seaside in the space of half an hour.

Out Edinburgh University is famous around the world, attracting students from all over the globe, studying subjects including medicine, architecture and dentistry.

At our Edinburgh practice we like to think that we offer the same high-class but friendly service that other establishments offer, whether it be fine dining or staying in a luxurious hotel overlooking Princess Street. Our Scottish charm helps our patients to feel at ease, knowing that they are in the best possible hands and will treat them with a warm, kind service.

Modern cuisine, hotels and shopping experiences are not the only class acts in Edinburgh. Cosmetic dentistry has become very popular in the capital and more and more high-class dental practices are opening. Our Edinburgh based practice is leading the way in high class, skilled dentistry in combination with a friendly, warm and personable service.

We offer a range of cosmetic dental treatments including smile makeovers, whitening and veneers. We also offer all the very latest cosmetic braces including Invisalign, the Inman Aligner, Fastbraces and Incognito lingual braces.

In Edinburgh we do a lot of smiling, and Edinburgh residents want a sparkling smile with sturdy teeth in order to eat all the delightful cuisine on offer in the city. Missing teeth are a common problem and we aim to offer our patients the best treatments for lost teeth including dental implants. Our highly skilled dentists are fully trained in the skill of dental implants and can recreate stunning smiles to all our patients with missing teeth.

We always offer our patients both old and new the warmest welcome, and we pride ourselves on putting our patients care at the top of our list of priorities. All our dentists are highly skilled and qualified to perform even the most skilled treatments such as dental implants and have many years of experience in the dentistry field. Contact our Edinburgh based practice today to make your first appointment with us.

For more information about our general or cosmetic dental packages please call us for a free consultation today on 0131 336 1360

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