Step by Step Implant Procedure Guide

At our Edinburgh based practice we offer dental implants as one of our missing teeth treatments. Many people suffer from missing teeth due to decay, injury or perhaps after extraction. Whatever the reason, we have an innovative, world-renowned treatment involving small titanium rods, which are inserted into the jawbone. They are then left to fuse with the bone in order to recreate the strength and sturdiness of the mouths natural tooth roots. Below is a guide to the procedure step by step to give our patients an idea of what will happen during dental implants treatment.

First Consultation

During the first consultation we will discuss the dental implant procedure with each individual patient. This also gives patients the opportunity to ask any questions and to decide if dental implants are the correct choice for their needs. One of our highly skilled dentists will give a thorough examination of the teeth, which includes X-rays. The X-rays will show the jawbone area; we need to make sure there is sufficient bone for the implants to fuse to. A bone graft may be needed if there is a lack of bone in the jaw area but this can be discussed more thoroughly during the consultation. If a patient is deemed suitable for treatment, we will take impressions of the teeth in order to make the implants and to make sure their placement is correct.

Placing the implants

This procedure involves gently placing the tiny titanium rods into the gum area where there is a missing tooth. Over the course of several months the rod will start to fuse together with the jawbone so that they provide a strong foundation for dental crowns or dentures. Whilst the mouth heals, we also add a temporary crown so that the aesthetics of the teeth do not suffer.

The final stage

This final stage of treatment is often referred to as “implant restoration”. After the healing period we will check the implants and the mouth to make sure that healing is complete, and also that the implant had fused with the jawbone. If this is the case we will then fit custom made crowns to the implants that will blend in naturally with the rest of the teeth, and provide a strong and secure missing tooth treatment.

Our dental implants can treat a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or even an entire arch of missing teeth. Our dental implants may also be used in conjunction with dental bridges and to provide a more stable foundation for dentures.

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